Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education

About PAGE


PAGE is a nonprofit volunteer run organization of parents, teachers and others interested in supporting and encouraging the development of gifted students by promoting an understanding of the characteristics and needs of gifted students and fostering local appropriate educational opportunities for them at home, school and in the larger community.


  • Twice yearly Super Saturday events with enrichment classes for children in grades K-8
  • Sponsorship of the Wake County Spelling Bee, part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee program


  • Collaborating with local schools to improve services for gifted children
  • Providing information for parents and teachers
  • Assisting individual parents and teachers


  • A listserv and Facebook discussion page with other parents designed to help answer your questions about local gifted services

By becoming a member of PAGE you can:

  • Learn how to help a gifted child
  • Learn what’s available in the community and the state for gifted children
  • Learn how to work with schools to enhance gifted education
  • Network with parents and teachers who share your interest in gifted children
  • Provide a network for your child of other gifted children

How do I become a PAGE member?

  • Cost is $15 annually or $150 for a lifetime membership. Membership is by family, not by student.
  • For more information, go to this link

Our Contact information:

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Note that the Facebook discussion page is only available to members. Linked information will be made available upon becoming a member.

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